Owen’s European Vacation



Normandy American Cemetary and MemorialCreative Commons License Håkan Dahlström via Compfight

Last summer in August I went to Europe for vacation. First I went to London, England, then I went to Paris, France, and finally Barcelona, Spain. One of the MANY places I went to was Normandy, France. It is a historic site from WWII when American Paratroopers and the Marines tried to take back France from the Germans.

We went to see a German controlled town with a huge Chapel in the middle. American Paratroopers were going to drop down one night and they were looking for a signal. In the town a barn accidentally caught on fire and the Paratroopers thought that was their signal. So a whole squad of troopers dropped down right down on top of the town. Many of the troops landed in a field half a mile away, but one lucky guy got stuck on top of the Chapel’s tower. None of the people noticed the man and after a few hours he finally got down, but in the end he got captured by the Germans.

In the picture above you see the mass grave yard for all of the soldiers that died at Normandy, France. The soldiers families could choose to have them shipped back to America or have them buried in France. For the Christian soldiers they had crosses for their tombstones. And for Jewish soldiers they had The Star of David, both religious signs. Each row, column, and diagonal is perfectly straight. It was truly a sight to behold.


If you want to know more check out this link (right click it and hit open link in new tab)

Do you have any family that was involved in D-day during WWII? (comment if so)




          Yesterday was National Limerick Day and our whole class wrote at least one Limerick poem. I enjoy poetry sometimes, certain types of poems that have to many specifications are not fun to make. But Limericks barely have any rules, you need some rhyming words, five lines, and 8 or 5 syllables in each line. Here is one of the poems I made yesterday:

There once was a man with a hat

By: Owen Mamrol

There once was a man with a hat

He had a very small pet bat

But one sunny day

His bat went away

And the man had only a hat

Books- Percy Jackson & Rash

Percy Jackson

            In my opinion the Percy Jackson series are the best books around. They combine action with a interesting plot that always keeps the reader coming back for more. No wonder Rick Riordan wrote 13 books about the same topic, the readers couldn’t get enough. I personally have only read the first four, but I’ve read each of them in less than two weeks.



             Rash is a book that takes place in the future in about 2080. It is a world where football and french fries are outlawed and you go to jail for calling someone names. It is about a 16 year old named Bo. Everyone in his family has a bad temper. Both his brother and his dad are in jail work camps, but he’s not far behind.

I’m Sorry, But I Meant To

Forgive Me But, I’m Not Sorry

By: Owen

I might have stolen some of your candy

when you were out with your friends

getting more

of course


it was a pink watermelon jolly rancher

your favorite kind

one of them to be exact

but what does it matter to you

you do it to me


Forgive me for

taking the piece of flavored sugar

it’s probably better for your health anyway

but i still enjoyed it

Jolly RanchersCreative Commons License Dave Kirkham via Compfight

Free Rice!

Free Rice

        Go to the down to the left of my page and click on the free rice banner and it will take you to the free rice website. See how many grains of rice you can donate to a hungry child. I think whoever created this is totally AMAZING! He is giving his own money to help feed and educate children.


Frozen toys at Toy Fair 2014 Ricky Brigante via Compfight

Is it summer yet!!

The River Rising

God's Own Country - KeralaCreative Commons License Vinoth Chandar via Compfight


In the lush rain forests of South America, there was a family called the Gaspars. There was the mom, Clara and the dad, Carlos. They had two daughters and one son. There names were Diego, Carolina, and Sofia. The Gaspars have lived in Peru, South America for their whole lives. They all had family jobs, the mother made food and went to the market, the father worked at the canoe transportation service  across the river. Diego’s job was to go to the well whenever anyone needed water. Sofia, the older one, would make the family’s clothes and assist her mother in chores. Carolina’s job was to grow food in the family’s garden. Pulling weeds out, harvesting crops, and planting seeds.

One day when Diego was fetching water, there was a man and a women yelling at each other. The women kept saying that the river was going to rise and flood the whole village. The man said that Flood Season wasn’t for another month, but the lady wouldn’t let it go. As soon as Diego processed what had happen he sprinted home, almost dropping his bucket of water. He had to tell his family about the pending threat.


If you would like to, try to finish my story and tell what happens to the Gaspars. Lets see who can make the best ending for my story.

Reading Response Choice Board New Character in “The Death Cure”

Extra Character

If I could I would add one person to my book, “The Death Cure.” His name would be Joey, he would be tall with blonde hair and brown eyes. He would have broad shoulders and be strong. He would always stay in the shadows, not being noticed or standing out. He would sabotage the rest of the characters, turning them against one another. Joey would make the story more interesting because he would make it so there was always an obstacle. Like when the characters think it’s over it’s not, he pops up and makes it worse for them. Joey would be a good character to add to “The Death Cure.”


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